Symposium: Metacognition

07 Jan 2014 7:45 PM | Anonymous

This year's MPA Annual Meeting will feature a symposium entitled, Cognition, Metacognition, and Knowledge Acquisition: Current Approaches to Learning in Complex Cognitive Domains. The symposium organizer is Thomas Carr (Michigan State University).

The symposium includes papers from leading researchers in cognitive psychology and cognitive development:

Blocking Benefits Foreign Language Pronunciation Learning More Than Interleaving
SHANA CARPENTER, Iowa State University

Successive Relearning Improves Course Exam Performance and Long-Term Retention
KATHERINE RAWSON, Kent State University

Test-Enhanced Learning across Domains: The Strange Case of Visuospatial Memory
THOMAS H. CARR, Michigan State University

From Action to Abstraction: Using the Hands to Learn Math
SUSAN GOLDIN-MEADOW, University of Chicago

Evidenced-Based Education Reform: Promising Approaches and New Directions
JOHN DUNLOSKY, Kent State University

Cognitive psychologists and cognitive developmentalists have become increasingly interested in doing research and developing theories that lead to applications in the real world. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the investigation of education-relevant problems, such as those represented here: foreign language acquisition, learning in academic courses, differences in learning across cognitive domains, and the role of different kinds of learning activities in maximizing achievement. The symposium brings together four different takes on what such research is like and what it might contribute to theory and to application, plus a discussion that aims to rise above the details to focus on what this "new wave" of applied cognitive psychology is all about.

The symposium is Friday (5/2) at 10:30AM at the Chicago Palmer House Hilton. You may register for the annual meeting on the MPA website: www.midwesternpsych.org.

Contact the MPA Secretary.

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